I love to lift.

My gym routine previous to my discovery of CrossFit did not include much lifting. Sure as I walked through the gym I would test out the odd machine or two, and 10-20 pound dumbbells were on the list of my go to items. The free bars however I honestly felt this was an area for guys, it seemed to always be filled with mostly men, so I stuck to what I knew, cardio and light weights.

When I began doing lifting movements and weighted squats, I quickly realized I was much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. My 10 pound dumbbells quickly became a distant memory and I was proud of the weight I could squat, clean and lift over head. It also became clear to me that I had never really pushed my body in this area. I focused on pushing my cardiovascular endurance, but never my strength with weights.

I fell in love instantly. I felt powerful, strong and like a down right bad ass. I also quickly noticed the difference in my body. My legs and arms became much more defined, I gained muscle and lost fat. Overall I was stronger and found I progressed so much faster than a mostly cardio based routine.

IMPROVE Fitness is here to help you feel like I did. I love incorporating lifts, weighted squats and movements that will get that heart rate up. Don't be afraid to lift. We are here to help you reach all of your fitness goals, small and large. So come on down and lift with me!

Stay fit. Healthy. Happy.


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