Why a personal trainer?

Is personal training for everyone? I would say yes of course! (Biased opinion? Maybe!)

Training with someone else is helpful in many ways, one big thing is motivation. If you are anything like me working out either with a friend or with a class helps me to push harder and it helps motivate me to keep at it everyday.

So why personal training? Going to the gym with a buddy or attending a class is all good, but having a trained coach at your side, not only to motivate you but to insure your technique and safety, are huge benefits of working with a personal trainer. In a larger class, 1 coach cannot always correct form or maybe spot you. Starting your fitness journey with a personal trainer not only helps with your technique but prepares you for those times when you do workout solo or in a group class.

My role is to motivate you, push you, correct form and ensure that you are getting the most out of your fitness regime during our session.

Not sure if personal training is for you? We offer no strings attached drop in sessions for those exploring their options. Or maybe you can only commit to a session here and there, we welcome you too! Go to our contact form on the main site and contact us today for more information and to get training!

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy.


Personal Trainer Guelph

Working on technique from day 1!

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