Spring is here!

Good Afternoon All,

I am so happy to finally see some warmer weather and sunshine! We can't wait to open up the studio and take our workouts back outside. Now that the winter blues are pretty much gone it is a great time to get started on your fitness journey.

We have had a great start to the year as we continue to grow and gain clients. If you want to get fit and stay fit this summer be sure to check us out. Use our contact page or email us to get more information and find out when you can start training!

Just a reminder, IMPROVE will be working part-time this summer in Muskoka. If you love to head north on weekends be sure to make us a part of your weekend routine. Come to us for a quick one-on-one session or we will come right to your dock for a bootcamp style group session. *See main site/contact us for more details*

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy.

- Ashleigh

Clean. Personal Trainer. Guelph. Muskoka

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