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A few weeks back I posted about teaming up with Isagenix as an Independent Associate. I have been using their products for more than 3 months now and without sounding too cheesy it has been life changing.

Between taking care of my almost 2 year old, up keeping my house and running a personal training business the phrase "I AM SO TIRED" was muttered daily. Does Isagenix help in weight loss, yes! Does it help with performance as an athlete, yes! Want to know why I am hooked?! ENERGY. Seriously!

Above and beyond the pounds and inches I have shed in the past few months, I now have the energy to be a full time mom/wife/trainer and I rarely complain of being tired. Isagenix gets you on a clean, fully balanced diet and now my body is now properly fuelled and I am ready to take on this crazy life!

I am sharing this with you today because you can get a FREE membership until June 30th with the purchase of a qualifying order. (Qualifying orders include: 30 Day Cleanse System, the Energy and Performance Systems or build your own order trying out lots of great products!). Why become a member you ask? You will become hooked on feeling great and as a member you get a discounted rate on ALL products!

If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in feel free to email me or use our contact form on the main site! Working out is a part of a balance lifestyle, but I want to remind you sell this product because I believe in it and you do not have to be an IMPROVE Fitness client to take advantage!

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy. AND ENERGIZED!


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