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Good Afternoon All!

When looking for a trainer, there are a few things you are likely looking for. The top 3 being, what style of training will I be doing, what is coaching style of the trainer and do I connect with this particular trainer?

Personal Trainers are not one size fits all. So it is important to research your options!

What style of training will I be doing at IMPROVE Fitness?

The style of training you receive will vary depending on the individual, but the basic principles will be the same. We use a combination of cardiovascular activities, body weight movements, weighted movements using kettle bells, dumbbells etc. and for some clients olympic lifting movements will also be incorporated (in studio only). As a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer I believe in the philosophy of constantly varied movements performed at a high intensity and this is very much a part of our programming style. Expect something different at each session. For those clients that we travel to, you will be well acquainted with body weight movements, kettle bells and dumbbells.

What is the IMPROVE Fitness Coaching Style?

If you are looking for someone to yell in your face to keep you moving through a workout, keep searching because that is not what IMPROVE is about. If you are looking for someone to motivate and encourage you, keep reading! In my bio on the main site, I describe myself as a motivator. I am here to push you harder than you would push yourself if you were working out alone and to keep you. I know when you can keep going, but I also recognize when you need a breath. When you leave a session, you feel like you put in 100% and you will feel encouraged and empowered.

Will I connect with my trainer?

IMPROVE Fitness offers a Free Trial Session. The reason we do this is because not all trainers are the right fit and that is okay!! In this session we chat about your health and fitness goals, what your current fitness abilities are and then we go through a workout similar to what our everyday sessions would be like. This helps you see my training style but also helps me plan out how I can create a program that works for you!

If you are ready to try a personal trainer, fill out the contact form on our webpage or email us today!

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy.

- Ashleigh

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