Best movements to practice.

Getting active is all around good for you. No matter what you are into, weight lifting, running, dance, yoga, zumba, hiking. Ultimately, the fact that you are being active is what is the most important! All activity is good however there are a few movements that are so important to do, especially as you get older.

The Squat

There are so many variations of this movement, wide stance, narrow stance, loaded with a barbell, goblet squat or simply just an air squat [moving only your body weight]. Seems pretty simple, so why is it SO important? Being able to squat properly not only helps you in a gym setting, but as we age helps in so many every day movements. Squatting is how we go from standing to sitting and vice versa. Mastering the squat and practicing it helps greatly as we age to keep us mobile and with proper form keeps your knees safe and healthy! For someone who is already advance in age, squatting to a chair and using the power of your legs to stand is a great way to build up the strength of your squat.

The Deadlift

You would not believe how many people tell me they shouldn't deadlift because they have a bad back. Hm, interesting. My question to you is, do you pick up your kid, groceries or any other medium sized objects from the ground? If your answer is yes, then guess what you are already performing a deadlift (lifting an object from the ground to hip level). If you have a bad back, should you deadlift a 200lbs barbell, no I wouldn't suggest it. However learning and practicing a proper deadlift using lower weight will not only help in your every day life but it will actually strengthen your back and likely help you with your 'bad back'.

If you are going to incorporate any two movements into your fitness routine, these would be my top two. They are the definition of functional movements. You can look impressive back squatting and deadlifting hundreds of pounds at the gym, but ultimately, working on these two movements will help you function for the long term in your everyday life.

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy.

- Ashleigh

Goblet Squat, Personal Trainer, Fitness

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