5 Small Changes I Made This Month

Regardless of what your heath goals are, often a few small changes can make a big difference. For the past 4 weeks I have done the following and here are my results.

  1. Move more. As a mom of two young kids scheduling time for me is HARD! Since the birth of our second child I have struggled with being consistent at the gym. However lately I have committed to 4 workouts per week. They might be at varying times and intensities, but I am making an effort to make ME a priority.

  2. Read more. What does this have to do with health and wellness. Well two things happen when you read more. 1- You give yourself a break from screen time (typically in the evening I will catch up on some Netflix before bed). 2- Now I am heading up to my room earlier, reading before bed and sleeping way BETTER!

  3. Drink more water. We have all told you. I am not the first person to say it. BUT trust me it helps keep everything moving in your body PLUS I find when I drink lots during the day I am far less hungry and my cravings are minimized.

  4. Positive thoughts only. The truth is since having my second child, I have told myself some pretty horrible things about my body. Before getting pregnant I was in the best shape of my entire life, I worked very hard to get where I was. Part of becoming a mother is sacrificing your body to create a life, depending on your body this looks different for everyone, both of my pregnancies I gained around 50lbs. After getting back into shape quickly after my first, I was not worried after having my second. However, scheduling YOU in with 1 kid is a lot easier than with 2 kids. I couldn't get myself focused and ready to get back at it (both at the gym and the kitchen) and I wasn't happy with where I was at. INSERT terrible body thoughts here. So a few weeks ago I committed to only thinking and saying POSITIVE things about my body. Even if it was simply "you've got this" or "one day at a time". This keeps me out of the dark place and focused on making progress. Every goal, no matter how small is celebrated.

  5. Eat Better. For some this might be a bigger change than for others. For me it was two parts, 1 - trying out a nutrition system that a friend suggested (where I sub 2 meals per day with protein and nutrient dense shakes and then have a well balance dinner) and 2 - actually making myself good non-processed meals and not finishing up my toddlers left overs. My diet was not terrible to start, but I was not planning ahead and just letting my cravings guide me (and they often guided me to chips). Start with small changes that can add up over time.

So the results, not only have a started to see a big difference in my clothes and on the scale, but I have more energy, I feel rested when I wake up and I feel like I am making myself a priority. Not to mention, my skin is clearer and my postpartum hormones are FINALLY starting to balance out (the power of healthy eating and WATER!!!) These are 5 small changes that can have a huge impact! What can you change this month?

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy.

- Ashleigh

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