Travel: How to Stay on Track.

You have been working hard, you have a great routine going, and you have a vacation booked. Don't throw all of your hard work away just because you are away!

Food + Drink. Don't go crazy. YES 100% enjoy some amazing food and have yourself a few drinks, but don't go all out. My personal trick is I eat how I would on a regular day for breakfast and lunch, then I have dinner and drinks off of my typical eating plan. This way I am not spending the entire vacation making poor nutrition choices, but I am still enjoying some amazing food!

Keep Moving. I train 4-5 times per week at a relatively high intensity. Often when I go away, I don't have access to the same types of facilities or equipment I am used to, but that doesn't me I don't train at all. If you have a gym available to you, work with what you have. No gym? No problem! There are so many amazing body weight movements you can do and still get a great sweat on (can you say burpees?!?!). Pick 3-5 movements, set a number of sets and rounds and go for it. Even moving a little bit each day will make going back to the gym MUCH easier.

Plan Active Outings. I am all for reading a book while catching some rays, but planning some outings where you can get active is the perfect way to stay on track. Hikes and local excursions help you see the place you are visiting and get you off that lounger and up and moving!

Recharge. Vacations are a great way to mentally (and physically recharge). Take some time for you, maybe try out a yoga or stretch class. Do things on your vacation that make your body happy and healthy!

On that note! I am off to Bahamas on Saturday for a week and I will be doing all of the above!

Stay Fit. Healthy. Happy.

- Ashleigh

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